Extend Taiwan poker to the world

Chinese Texas Hold'em Poker Club is currently the largest Texas Hold'em Association in Taiwan. It has 7 branches that regularly hold poker tournaments and partner with well-known poker brands around the world to hold poker tournaments to further promote Texas Hold'em competition.

  • 2017


    It was a small association with only two tables and less than 100 members. It started with a passion for poker.

  • 2018

    Road of development

    • In May, Taiwan Education Ministry Sports Department was appointed as a leader of the Association
    • In August, Joined the International Match Poker Federation (IFMP), serving as the only member of Taiwan
    • From October 31 to November 4, Poker tournaments held in partnership with AJPC of Japan
    • In November, the Traditional Tournaments “Ryuyo Gold Cup” held at the Zhongli Branch
    • From December 12 to December 16, poker tournaments held in partnership with online poker J88POKER
  • 2019

    To the future

    In 2019, signed a three-year partnership with the Asian Poker Tour (APT) and a three-year partnership with the World Poker Tour (WPT).

    In November, the Asian Nations Cup held in cooperation with IFMP. In this tournament, the Taoyuan City Sports Bureau serves as the guidance section.

    Now, we have set up a base in Taipei, Taiwan that can accommodate 250 people with 25 tables, equipped with tables with sensors and other related equipment, and the hardware side has also been upgraded.

Legal poker competitions

Legalization initiatives

  • 1. Cash games are not allowed
  • 2. All tournaments are held in compliance with laws and regulations

Legal documents for establishment

Legal documents of the representative