6月 7日 (火), 19:30 ~ 23:30


Corner Pocket






Main Event Day 1B - 2 Million Guaranteed
Buy in:$16,500
Starting Chips:25,000
Level time:60min
Close of registration:Lv10@Day2(3/1)14:10


Play will start at 10 handed if necessary, moving to 9 handed as soon as possible. 
7 tables or more balancing of tables will be within 2 players.
6 tables or less balancing of tables will be within 1 player.
Final Table will be 9 handed.
Day 3 will play to the Final 8 Players.
Starting level for the Final 8 Players will be at a minimum average stack of 30 times the Big Blind.
Right reserved to cancel guarantee due to Force Majeure: Earthquake, Flooding or Typhoon Level 8 or higher


台北市松山区 CTP台北分會

Tel+886 2 2577 0051



Please agree on the followings before apply.

  • If it do not reach the minimum number of people, events may be canceled. Fee will be refunded if no hosting event is held by the club.
  • After completing the application, it will be automatically registered as a member of the club. In addition, personal information like poker ID, nickname and profile picture will not be disclosed.
  • If the event is canceled due to unavoidable reasons, the fee paid will not be returned, and we can not guarantee that you can participate in another events host by club.
  • Please show your poker ID and nickname at reception at the venue on the day.